Applying for College

Don't wait until your Senior summer vacation to begin working on applications. Give yourself plenty of time to do your best work and also be able to meet all required deadlines. After you decide which colleges you will applying to, request the college(s) of your choice to send an application or access the application(s) online. Make a note of the application deadline and if there is an early application deadline. Be sure that you understand exactly what is required for each application.

If you haven’t decided where you want to continue your education, use the College Search tool to find and compare colleges that may be an academic and financial fit for you.

If you are applying to multiple colleges, it is imperative that you go about the process in an organized and systematic way. Be sure to create files for each college application, and be diligent about updating information and keeping paperwork in order and properly filed. A calendar that highlights all relevant deadlines is also crucial for the college application process. The better organized you are, the easier the application process will be for you.

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